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Atvinnužróunarfélag Žingeyinga


Atthing is a regional development agency for the region of Thingeyjarsýsla, Iceland's largest administrative district, stretching from Vatnajökull glacier to the Northeast coastline and covering 18% of the country's area. Atthing is owned jointly by The Institute of Regional Development, 7 regional municipalities, and some labor organizations and companies in the region.

The purpose of Atthing is to support development, employment and business life in the region by working with local communities, companies, organizations and individuals to promote and encourage innovation, co-operation and networking.  Atthing has participated in several co-operative projects both regionally, nationally and internationally.

Among organizations that Atthing works closely with on a regular basis are Húsavík Academic Center, University of Akureyri, Hólar University, The Icelandic Tourism Research Centre, Impra Innovation Center, The Institute of Regional Development as well as other regional development agencies to name a few.

Contact information:
Thingeyjarsysla Regional Development Agency
Garðarsbraut 5
640 Húsavík

Phone: (354) 464-0415
Fax:     (354) 464-0406


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